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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 13, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, the downfire in san jose burns through an old tv station. we'll have a live report to tell you what happened. a look inside the damage caused by an east bay fire that severely damaged several businesses. more legal trouble for niner star aldon something i after getting arrested at a california away. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. right now firefighters are getting a handle on a fire in downtown san jose. this is a live look from our san jose bureau camera. there is still a little smoke hovering over the treeline in the center of the screen. the fire started around 3:00 this afternoon in a former tv station at park avenue and
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south montgomery street. nick smith is live with a look at the effort to put out this fire. reporter: i want you to see his fire hose. you can see that firefighters are still using a defensive approach. they are using those hoses to attack hot spots in that building structure fire. look at some video that we got from a viewer who gave us these dramatic flames. you can see this these pictures. these were taken by jacob who happened to be passing by. san jose firefighters continue to battle the blaze at that time at one time reached five alarms. this is in downtown san jose and was first reported at 3:00 p.m. this is a nonresidential building. about two blocks from the san jose cal trains station. this building once housed a local tv station and is across the street from a san jose fire department training center. fire captain reggie williams of
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the san jose fire department spoke with me minutes ago. >> this is a five-alarm fire. the fire has been mostly knocked down. we have it completely surrounded with ladders, going through the top of the building. multiple collapses. we are interviewing some people that were inside the building at the time of the fire. we need to try to figure out whether earn got out safely. during the fire, because of the high heat, we had a couple firefighters get injured, some minor burns, or exhaustion. >> some may be familiar with this location. it's part of the a's ballpark plan. there does not seem to be a disruption to cal trains service. we watched a couple trains pass through. captain williams says the building had been idea by squattersment when they recoveried as many as eight people were trying to retrieve
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possessions. one man even stored his motorcycle inside the building. fire investigators do not have a cause of the fire but have confirmed they are speaking with a few individuals that were scene at this location at the start of the fire. we do know that two firefighters were injured and at least one fire truck sustained some damage. they used multiple hoses to battle the blaze and will be here for a while until they can secure this building and make sure there are no more hot spots in san jose, abc7 news. 49ers star aldon smith faces more legal trouble tonight after being arrested at los angeles international airport. witnesses say he appeared to be drunk and yelled, been, inside the southwest airlines terminal at lax. airport police claim smith articled with a tsa agent after being selected for additional screening. he was arrested on dui charges in september. he rejoined the team after going to rehab. smith also faces weapon
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possession charges inan jose. the 49ers released this statement saying. ment we're disappointed to learn of the incident today involving aldon smith. as this is a pending legal matter and we are still gathering the pertinent facts we will have no further comment. in the search is on for the cause of a dramatic east bay fire which heavily damaged four businesses in berk -- berkeley. smoke and flames could be seen for miles. cornell bernard is live in berkeley where openers are starting to pick up the pieces. >> hard to believe 24 after it started this fire scene is still smoldering here. firefighters are here searching for a cause. they're being aisled be the atf. damage from the fire will be in the millions. nobody was hurt, but a lot of firefighters came awfully close. >> the five-airplane fire saturday was incredible. lighting up the night sky.
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70 firefighters from around the east bay spent hours trying to contain it. when the sun came up the damage was clear. >> boy. i don't know. i can't believe what i see. i can believe it. >> bill is getting a closeup look of what is left of the warehouse he owns after the fire destroyed one million dollars worth of inventory at his import tile company, and heavily damaged three furniture businesses, including the wooden duck and joshua tree. >> joshua tree is -- doesn't exist. you can even tell where it used to be. reporter: during the fire fight live power lines arced. shooting sparks on to the street below. not only did the lines spark during the fire. several live power lines fell on firefighters. >> dropped across the chief's vehicle. and actually one of the power lines did touch one of our firefighters but they didn't get shocked. reporter: this picture was taken
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bay berkeley firefighter from a ladder truck. showing how large the fire really was. fire investigators are yellow-tagging parts of the building too dangerous to enter, while combing through the rubble looking for clues how the fire started. >> we'll look at everything around the building, behind the building. >> it had completely spread down here despite the wind blowing this way. reporter: the tile company co-owner says she has insurance and will recover. >> i'm just grateful no person was injured, and that what was lost is stuff. reporter: in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc7 news. fire destroyed another east bay business this morning, this one in newark at the love at first slice pizza shop. fire broke out around 8:00 this morning. firefighters say the pizza shop's neighbors businesses sustained some smoke damage but no one was hurt.
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new details tonight in that deadly bus crash that killed ten people. ntsb investigators announced they cannot confirm a witness report that a fedex truck was on fire before the collision with the bus in um bolt county. a fire expert found in evidence that flames were coming from underneath the truck when it crossed the median. the ntsb will still leave all options on the table. the truck and bus were gutted by flames. they believe a blood test on the truck driver could tell them if he inhaled smoke before dying, and also look at other factors outside of the crash scene. >> we're weeing to go over that driver's last 72 hours, at least, and wearing go to be looking at when they were at work, when rest took place, the cell phone use, why is that important? in this okay we don't have somebody to interview, and so what we have to do is rely on other forms of informationo tell what is going on, and we
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know, for example, if their cell phone is in use they may not have had an opportunity to sleep, or in this case we'll look at the use during the actual work period. the investigators are also having a hard time figuring out why the truck driver didn't leave behind tire marks in the median if he tried to brake there would be signs. the driver of the bus is from san mateo, he died in the crash. she recently lived in the sacramento area. her family said she was a dedicated employee and mother. >> nice, friendly, loved anybody. just so sad. she don't have kids. and her family. investigators say everyone on the bus has been accounted for. all the teens who lost their
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lives are from california, including honor students and athletes, a recruiter and two chaperones in the crash. the two recently got got engaged in paris. three people are dead and a 15-year-old is in critical condition after shootings at two jewish facilities in suburb of kansas city, kansas. police have a suspect in custody but have not released any information about him pending further investigation. witnesses say two people were shot and killed at the jewish community center of greater kansas city, and one was killed at village shalom, a retirement community several blocks away. >> we'll hear from a murder victim's family after two suspected serial killers were arrested. candlestick park's planned goodbye ceremony may not feature paul mccartney. why the niners might be to
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blame. >> nothing but blue skies. sunny weather, but i have even warmer temperatures for tomorrow. that and the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. the san francisco exploratorium is celebrating the first anniversary of its building. they lawned a whole new life that brought in record crowds. answer 7 is the exploratorium's official tv partner and tonight dan ashley hosts a special look how the museum is moving into the future. includes fantastic new exhibits and partnerships with schools, scientists and museums all over the world. that's at 6:30 tonight when we present "more to
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lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ police arrested two registered sex offenders in connection with the murders of for women across orange county. >> we been doing a lot of things to find her. and now we found her dead. so hard. there's no word to explain the pain. police say the murder suspects two transients 27 and 45eers old, allegedly targeted the victims because of their
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ties to prostitution and escort services in the santa ana area. searchers fear the batteries and the black boxes of the malaysia airline flight 370 might have finally died. an australian ship with a device has not heard any pinging signs. the batteries are designed to last a few weeks after being submerged in water. crews are searching the southern indian ocean for any debris from the flight. it vanished march 8th. a new report suggests the niners may talk paul mccartney into bailing on a farewell concert at candlestick. they want him to help open the new levi stadium. the chronicle reports last month mccartney's promoter accidently told candlestick officials they had visited levi stadium. that means mccart now would not join the celebration at
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candlestick. the beatles made their last performance at candlestick in 1966. up next at 6:00, the misspelling on an open road has been updated but not by the city. a look at the clever addition someone made. >> taking a live look outside, you can still see the sun. frances dinglasan has the forecast. >> coming up in sports, after blowing a three-run lead the giants walk off with the victory. and we show you if 20-year-old jordan spieth could become the youngest
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my yes, it really does happen. san jose firefighters rescued a cat from a tree this afternoon. the department snapped thesepicks to prove it and then tweeted them out. the cat climbed 50 feet up the tree. firefighters used a ladder to reach the cat, and even blocked road access to the area while doing it. the cat is doing just fine tonight. if you were watching abc7 news yesterday you saw this misspelling painted on a road in oakland at the corner of mlk way
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and arlington avenue. at it been updated but not by the city. someone has taken red chalk or paint and mark as if the teacher used a giant red pen to agreed the work. there's no word when the city will fix the misspelling. this week a tote'll lunar eclipse will turn the moon orange, called a blood moon, and the first of four within the next year and a half visible in north america. it's tomorrow night into tuesday morning. >> to find out if there will be good viewing and the rest of the weather, frances dinglasan has that. >> good evening. too bad it's not tonight. we'll see clear conditions. abc7 live doppler 7hd sweeping around the bay area, picking up low stratus clouds, and as we look live from san jose, still see a little smoke that ama was talking about, the fire, and nick smith-not much left at all. san francisco, currently 60.
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oakland, 64. and 68 in san jose, 74, los gatos. temperatures have come down quite a bit in the past few hours. towards downtown san francisco, quite a range of temperatures, from petaluma, 59. 78, livermore. tomorrow, it's going to be even warmer. so here's a look from mt. tam. clear and hazy, warmer tomorrow, and then breezy and cooler tuesday. so up and then down and i'll show you what to expect the rest of the week as well with the seven-day forecast. the pacific satellite illinois shows the jet stream pushing to the north. we won't get any rain and the ridge will bring this mineyear warming trend. i'll show you the forecast animation which shows very little cloud cover overnight and tomorrow morning. we could wake up with cloudy conditions along the coast, but clear areas and patchy fog developing but sunny and warmer
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and clear overall for most everybody. overnight lows will be in the 40s to near 50 degrees. look for 47 in san rafael. 45 in santa rosa. in downtown san jose, donning down to 50. sunrise is at 6:36 tomorrow. expect even warmer numbers in the south bay. 77 in san jose and in santa clara. lots of sunshine along the lower peninsula, where we'll see 76 in palo alto. 64 in pacifica. very mild. downtown san francisco, one of those few days you might not need a jacket in the afternoon. 68. and also in the north bay, 72 in petaluma. 79, sonoma. near 80. so very warm. also, a lot of 70s in the east bay, from 72 in berkeley, 75, fremont. tomorrow, we'll see numbers in the low 80s. we saw a lot of upper 70s today. we'll bump it up a few more degrees. so 80 in concord and 81 in livermore. very mild and pleasant day.
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here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. enjoy the sunshine. there's more of it tomorrow where we will see temperatures mid-80s and upper 70s, 60s along the coast. a great day for the beach. tuesday things change. cooler and breezy. so temperatures will come down quite a bit. then holding steady near average through mid-week. all the way into easter weekend, and of course we'll keep you posted on the blood-moon viewing. see how much cloud cover we get monday night. >> thank you, frances. >> rick kwan is in for shoe. yesterday we were watching the young guy. >> the kid had his moments but not enough of the moments. not enough great moments. jordan spieth was trying to become the youngest masters champion today but a man he refers to as mr. watson, stood in his way. >> early on looked like it would be jordan's day.
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on four, a fantastic shot goes in for a birdie. then on seven, spieth shows some great touch as he picks up another birdie. that put him up by two strokes. but his lead quickly disappeared when he bogeyed eight and nine and bubba watson birdied both holes. the swing of four strokes puts watson up by two. spieth hung around but could never mound a charge. on 12 his ball will find the water. spieth had a final-round 72. after a 360-yard drive on 13, watson makes birdie to open up a three-shot lead. he would make par the rest of the way to finish with a 69. good for a three-stroke win over spieth and jonas blixt. the celebrates with his adopted son, caleb. it's his second green jacket in three years. >> the first one, for me it's almost like i lucked into it. this one was a lot of hard work,
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dedication, and got back here. after i'd given away that jacket last year. wanted it back. >> the giants and rockiess needed extra innings to decide their cob test at at&t mark. before the game angel pagan made a new best friend. sandoval had a pair of hits. colorado came back to tie but gregor blanco nearly won the game in the bottom of the ninth. ripped the ball off the bottom of the wall, and when cuddure falls branch company tried for the in the park home run. but the throw is in time. he leads off with a splash landing, 5-4 the final. the giants take the series 2-1. >> looking for a pitch i could possibly end it with. but wasn't necessarily thinking home run. just trying to put a good swing on a good pitch gunner i don't think we'll ever walk out -- the first ever walk-off home run.
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>> in seattle the a's and mariners were scoreless through seven. scott kentuckymer struck out nine and giving up two hits. he did not walk a batter. brad miller nearly got to kazmir in the bottom of the sixth but josh reddick goes back and makes the catch. kazmir would have to leave after feeling soreness in his pitching arm. the a's broke through in the eight. cespedes crushes the pitch. oakland blanks seattle 3-0. the a's improve to 8-4. >> the earthquakes played host to columbus. the crew gets a 1-nil lead. the quakes come back. the game ended in a 1-all time. he likes how the team rallied but has to start games better. >> come up swinging, but we got to stop dog that. got to come out on the foot and start better and see what it's
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look to play with the lead. >> the sharks' playoff schedule with the kingses out. the first two games at the tank on 7:30, then sunday at 7:00. games 3 and 4 are in l.a. tuesday and thursday. i what really rooting for jordan spieth, but i'm sure we'll see a lot more of him in the future. >> thank you, rick. up next, an animated family film, low-budget horror flick and a football drama. these usual box office favorites are trying to cake down captain america. that's next. wireleare awesome. they let us use our phones to do amazing things.
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join my tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. guns are now holstered after a wild west showdown nearly erupted in nevada between the government and armed protesters. what led to the dispute and how they plan to settle it. >> then at 11:00, the body of a missing woman found in marin county. tonight we'll hear from the man who helped searchers finally track her down. all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. captain america is fighting off more than dark forces, also fighting off new movies "captain america: the winter soldier" kept its top spot. in three weeks worldwide the movie has made nearly $500 million. analysts say the marvel brand is
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so popular it can win over international crowds. they earned $41 million in the u.s. this week. 60 million worldwide. familifully "rio 2" "earned 39 mental and ocoulus -- draft day and divergent was fifth. watch abc is new available to bay area dish customers who want to watch online or at somephones or tablets. you can also search watch abc onure app store to download the app and watch all your favorite shows live or on demand on your mobile device. that will do it us for. i'm ama daetz, for frances dinglasan, rick quan, and


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